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Michael Asgaard Andersen, Chalmers University of Thechnology, Gothenburg, Sweden



Swedish architectural history in the Nordic countries

In the 1930s, 40s and 50s Swedish architecture had a significant impact on the development of architecture in the other Nordic countries, and the influence of Swedish buildings has been discussed by several historians, including Nils-Ole Lund and Christian Norberg-Schulz. Only to a lesser extend has it been considered how the written history of architecture has influenced the other Nordic countries. This paper aims at unfolding and discussing precisely that. Key texts by Nils Erik Wickberg, Kay Fisker, Odd Brockman and others will be set in relation to Swedish texts of that time in order to see if and what the influences were. The goal is to further our understanding of both Swedish architectural history and its impact in the other Nordic countries.

Bild på Michael Asgaard Andersen Michael Asgaard Andersen is Senior Lecturer in Architectural History and Theory at Chalmers University of Technology. He is Architect MAA and holds an M.Arch. (Columbia University, 1998) and Ph.D. (Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, 2006). He is the author of numerous articles and the book Jørn Utzon (Princeton Architectural Press, forthcoming 2013), and is the editor of Nordic Architects Write (Routledge, 2008) and co-editor of Paradoxes of Appearing (Lars Müller Publishers, 2009) and New Nordic (Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, 2012).


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