IV Symposium

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October  11

The Outside View

09:00-09:30         Registration and Coffee

09:30-10:00         Introduction:  Stina Hagelqvist, Britt-Inger Johansson, Claes Caldenby.

10:00-11:30         Adrian Forty: “History: Things Themselves”.

11:30-12:00         Clarence Burton Sheffield: “Identity, Difference and the Permeability of Swedish

Architecture: Some Reflections on a Complex Historiography”.

12:00-14:00         Lunch and Architectural Tour

14:00-14:30         Antonello Alici, Saverio Sturm, Giovanni Bellucci: “Architects go to the North. The

Italian Contribution to the Historiography of Swedish Contemporary Architecture”.

14:30-15:00         Michael Asgard Andersen: “Swedish Architectural History in the Nordic Countries”.

15:00-15:30         Coffee

15:30-16:00         Chiara Monterumisi: “An Architect, a Book, a Historian: Ragnar Östberg and Elias Cornell”.

16:00-16:30         Plenary Discussion

18:00-23:00         Dinner


October 12

The Inside View

09:00-09:30         Thordis Arrhenius: “Mediated Architecture- the Exhibition as a Discursive Field; The Swedish Architectural Museum 1968-1988”.

09:30-10:00         Christina Pech: “Mer än ett Museum. Arkitekturmuseet som Historieskrivare under 1970-talet”.

10:00-10:30         Coffee

10:30-11:30         Fredrik Krohn Andersson: “The Use and Abuse of Architectural History for a Changing Concept of Culture”.

11:30-12:00         Anders Dahlgren: “Architectural History in Action-Methodological Experiments in the Swedish Town Project”.

12:00-13:00         Lunch

13:00-13:30         Rebecka Millhagen: “More than Meets the Eye. Castles and Manor Houses in Sweden Revisited”.

13:30-14:00         Mia Åkerfelt: “The Historiography of Architecture in Finland”.

14:00-14:30         Plenary Discussion

15:00-17:00         Optional Excursion


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